Our experience and delivery of a range of projects means we are able to provide a complete portfolio of construction services

  • Residential construction services
  • Commercial construction services
  • Industrial construction services
  • Project managing services
  • Estimating & constructability services

Residential Construction Services

A core element of Lamar Group business is residential construction. We are listed as selected tenderers for South Australian Housing Trust, South Australian Community Housing Authority, Aboriginal Housing Authority and The Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure. In addition to this blend of State and Federal Government clients, Lamar Group is a selected tenderer for various architects in the Adelaide region.  Lamar Group specialise in general new domestic construction and in general domestic renovation, extensions and alteration work such as:

  • Disability modification to existing dwellings.
  • New dwellings adaptable for minor disability use (Adaptable Housing).
  • Fire damage repairs to existing dwellings.
  • Extensions and renovations to mature era dwellings.
  • Urban renewal projects including streetscape upgrade and group developments.
  • Single storey detached and attached new dwellings.
  • Double storey detached and attached new dwellings.
  • Split level detached and attached new dwellings.
  • New community or multiple housing developments.
  • General extensions and alterations of existing dwellings e.g. bathroom, kitchen upgrade and additions to existing dwelling.
  • Retirement living
  • Affordable and community housing

Commercial Construction Services

In addition to the list below we are able to construct retirement facilities and apartments.  Past commercial works have included:

  • Sheltered houses with protective security devices and systems.
  • Commercial fit outs
  • Medical clinics
  • Maintenance of commercial assets 
  • High density walk-up flat complexes.

Industrial Construction Services

Our company is licensed for industrial construction and currently has various clients who have aligned them-selves with our company to maintain and upgrade their industrial assets. Industrial construction ability includes;

  • Industrial workshops cladded with office frontages
  • Industrial workshops concrete panel with office frontages
  • Tilt up construction works

Project Management Services

This business sector manages construction projects from conception to fruition. Project teams are assembled to manage design, feasibility, approvals, project scheduling, procurement and construction. In addition, the needs of the community and environment are given high priority. Lamar Group is able to provide its clients with the desired out-comes they expect from their construction projects.

Estimating and Constructability Services

Our estimating department costs projects from the residential, commercial and industrial construction sectors. Our development contracts are obtained via “Design and Construct” and “Hard” tendering. In addition to this, estimating civil construction for land divisions is another provision of this department. At Lamar Group we pride ourselves on our ability to complete specialised projects that suit the time frames of our clients. This experience has enabled our company to be a trusted source when we liaise with architects and other professionals to offer a practical constructability analysis of various projects.