25 Year Structural Steel Guarantee

For your complete peace of mind it’s nice to know you’ll be guaranteed 25 years of service after the sale with our 25 year structural guarantee. 

Lamar Group (Homes) Structural Guarantee lasts for 25 years of your ownership

Lamar Group (Homes)responsibility

We will rectify at our cost structural defects requiring rectification pursuant to the Building Code of Australia and any relevant Australian Standards, where it is proven to be the builder’s fault, limited to:

  • foundation systems, concrete and or strip footing as specified in Australian Standard AS 2870 (Residential slabs and footing – Construction);
  • structural timbers and steel in wall or roof framing as specified in Australian Standard AS 1684 (Residential timber-framed construction); and
  • load bearing brickwork as specified in Australian Standard AS 4773 (Masonry in small buildings).

Appliance Service: Hot water units, cook tops, ovens etc, are all covered by the Manufacturers Guarantee, we recommend that you read the individual appliance Manufacturers Guarantee and Care maintenance information included in your Lamar Group (Homes) hand kit and contact the Manufacturer’s Service Department for service during the guarantee period.

ITEMS Not Covered by this Guarantee

  • Trees near the concrete footings of your home may cause shrinkage of the soil, particularly in soils of high clay composition. As a result of this shrinkage, damage to the footings may eventuate. For further information regarding this matter please refer to the “Guide to Homeowners on Foundation Maintenance and Footing Performance” produced by the Division of Building Research of the CSIRO. This Guarantee may be rendered void should compliance to these recommendations not be adhered to.
  • Any loss arising from non-compliance with your responsibilities outlined above.
  • Site conditions that are experienced post settlement that are outside of our control.
  • Damage caused by storms, fire, flooding or an act of God.
  • Damage caused by trees growing near the footing of your home.
  • Fair wear and tear.
  • Misuse or neglect.
  • Minor cracking (as defined in AS 2870, Appendix B).
  • Any renovations, additions or other structural changes (including significant landscaping and pools) undertaken to the home post settlement.
  • Any defects repaired or modified by unqualified or unauthorised personnel.
  • Any structural failure caused by anything other than our faulty workmanship or our negligent supply of defective materials.
  • Any unforeseen influences that the builder may not have been aware of.
  • For the avoidance of doubt this structural warranty does not cover items of a non-structural nature such as any marks or scratches to bench tops, vanities etc. in addition to any appliances installed in your home. Please refer to the product manufacturer for details of any relevant warranties.

Who Is Covered

  • The initial purchaser of the home constructed by us is eligible to make a claim. The 25 Year Structural Guarantee is not transferable